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Customs station networked systems

System introduction:

Customs plaza networking system is responsible for the logistics goods supervision, nuclear touch inspection and fast customs clearance management software; System through the management concept, regional law enforcement, information technology and the integration of port management, to realize the management innovation and organizational innovation, and accelerate the modernization of the customs, and further release the Yangtze river delta regional economic integration development potential and achieve a long triangle area "customs cooperation", "region linkage", "resource integration" and "harmonious development". System can also handle a variety of business model, in order to import and export goods divided into a variety of process model. Such as: local customs clearance, transit business (mass transit, customs declarations in advance, direct transfer mode), devanning, dredging port, in box, fall outfit to match those have been supervised and check the business process and the customs management system effective combination.

Business framework:

The customs in the industry to the networking business units to provide a variety of interface, the service scope contains tally, ship generation, freight forwarding, harbor wharf, the radiation surface consists of customs supervision places, harbor port; To its provides many kinds of interactive information service, such as: data declaration, order release, and safety of CA authentication service and increase the customs personnel to the supervision of the dock. Integrated system data sources mainly for the enterprise to declare new manifest message, and connected with the H2000 system such as: customs declaration clears, transit single cancel after verification, customs clearance data subscription, in business direct control card way instruction, implement customs strict supervision. Dock system deployed in customs management network, through the standard business process, the mass transit, customs declarations in advance and so on many kinds of service body system covering port logistics regulation and supervision management place.

System features:

◆ Should the hierarchy structure, can be a layer changes, as long as the interface is changeless, will not affect other layer components.

◆ Should the agent mechanism, will simplify front end customers on the component's visit. Easy to use transaction processing.

◆ Should the service mechanism, make a service development does not affect other components, is a loose coupling situation.

◆ Should monitoring platform in order to guarantee and enterprise system extranet seamless docking, the CA authentication technology using RSA public key system to realize the data information of data signature.

◆ Pieces maintainability and upgradeability enhancement.

◆ Because of the use should not state component, system can rise to strengthen shrinkage.

◆ The platform should the network using IPSec VPN technology, is actually a virtual private network is defined as through a public network (usually Internet) to establish a temporary and safe connection, is a through the chaos of the common network security and stability of the tunnel. Suitable for:

◆ Pieces of customs supervision places (shipping port, airport port)

◆ In the industry should enterprise units (tally company, shipping agency)