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Customs logistics platform

System introduction:

The customs directly under the cities logistics monitoring unified platform for customs clearance logistics regulation provides complete solutions, system to enter/exit goods, bonded goods, through close goods, domestic trade goods, special goods, enterprise vehicle actual goods flow and documents the effective combination of the electron flow management, can through the agile configuration seamless access H2000 document information, new manifest information, customs transfer system, electronic port management system and external enterprise application information, and the general administration of customs intelligent bayonet management system and so on, meet different supervision area, different supervision mode needs, realize the customs department, supervision sites, the owner unit information interconnection and interflow, and achieve the purpose of supervision, fast customs clearance.

With the continuous deepening of the reform of customs clearance, customs logistics monitoring system platform is play the advantages of the system architecture, i.e., the agile configuration business model, for the customs clearance reform to make due contributions.

System features:

◆ Should business process model can be configured to meet the needs of different supervision area

◆ Should business services can accumulate, provide good custom development mode

◆ The original code should not do change, dynamic access service module

◆ The system should have high concurrency/high scalability and maintainability

◆ Pieces of data flow log tracking trajectory, facilitate problem positioning

◆ Asynchronous processing should facilitate fault migration, to ensure a stable system suitable for:

◆ Pieces of customs supervision places (shipping port, airport, port container yard)

◆ Pieces areas under special customs supervision (bonded port, bonded zones, export processing zone, bonded logistics center)