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The electronic lock

System introduction:

The electronic lock is installed in a container or van and logistics transportation tools on the door of a kind of safety testing equipment. When you are equipped with electronic transport vehicles through the customs container channel, the system through the RFID technology can accurate positioning electronic was shut up position, then and electronic was shut up in the wireless data communication control electronic lock lock or electronic lock open function, ensure the safety of goods in transit.

System functions:

◆ Should accurate positioning: each electronic lock a global unique ID number, security performance is good; At the same time can accurately identify, accurate positioning electronic was shut up, effectively guard against the use of various fraud behavior and misreading, miscarriage of justice.

◆ Should high security: the lock bar embedded structure, lock body high strength alloy production, is not easy to damage, at the same time, mechanical and electronic double locking, has the mechanical sealing containers, electronic sealing containers double function; Not only can the needs of customs supervision, and ensure the safety of the carrier transport goods.

◆ Automatic pieces was deblocking: the bayonet installation acquisition equipment, automatic acquisition lock number, automatic search background data confirm whether the need for sealing containers or deblocking operation, and the automatic detection vehicles in transportation process is safe to, such as normally, the automatic deblocking, such as is not normal, it issued a warning signal, remind officer for inspection.

◆ Should the illegal information processing: to destroy or illegal open electronic was shut up can real-time record, record the number of illegal open, real-time time, at the same time you can with the GPS electronic communication, real-time will alarm signal is sent to the car GPS and GPS acquisition to the alarm signal and the current alarm location and alarm time a concurrent to GPS monitoring center, improve audit of real-time and accuracy.

System features:

◆ Should the system security sex good, is not easy to forge;

◆ Pieces system security is good, not easy open;

◆ Should alarm record real-time record, facilitate burden;

◆ Real-time should report to the police, to facilitate inspection;

◆ Pieces should try to use, compatible customs existing bayonet equipment and software and hardware resources, the operation is simple, easy to use;

◆ Pieces adaptability, good compatibility. Meet the customs of different types of containers, container truck regulatory requirements;

◆ Should not increase enterprise burden, charge is not higher than the original mechanical seal off the standard.