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Quay container test residual system

System introduction:

Quay container test residual system for container terminal container housing damaged automatic inspection and design, mainly through the terminal bayonet container the automatic video shooting, artificial background auxiliary appraisal way, realize the damage of the container body half automation test.

System functions:

◆ The front should video acquisition system: front end video acquisition system is mainly responsible for the front end through the bayonet container for streaming video and the picture collection storage (including tank top, left and right, front and back), and the collected images transmitted to housing damaged verification system. Front end video acquisition system according to the actual site configuration and demand agile configuration acquisition sequence and acquisition precision.

◆ The damage identification system should: housing damaged verification system is mainly responsible for the front end video acquisition system transmission housing images analysis, judgment, and the calibration damaged parts and status, but also able to complete for the whole container test residual system monitoring, management, statistics inquiry function.

◆ Should the database system: database system is responsible for the whole system of streaming video data and image data and the damage data storage, unified for the system inquires the statistical operations to provide basic data support.

System features:

◆ Intelligent human interface should, based on the Windows operation platform, all Chinese interface,

◆ Pieces streaming video real-time monitoring, paparazzi photo real-time monitoring;

◆ Video tapes, should set free agile;

◆ Pieces of intelligent system operation, images and video material on time or detection lane label find, at the same time show nine picture and video;

◆ Should the system has high security, system version of the remote release, automatic updates.

◆ Should the system design modular, the use of loose coupling technology to achieve the higher system scalability and compatibility.

◆ Pieces robust, bad conditions all-around-the clock, to ensure the accuracy of data collection.