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Intelligent monitoring system

System introduction:

Intelligent electronic monitoring system is van channel management automation for the customs supervision and design, mainly used for automatic weight acquisition, container number on the bayonet channel truck collection and identification, electronic license plate, IC card, electronic lock, data acquisition, and manifest information, H2000 customs information and logistics monitoring system. The information through the background system, complete release traffic control function, so as to realize the bayonet channel unattended, automatic operation, guarantee the objectivity of field data and customs supervision.

System function:

◆front-end acquisition system:

Data acquisition system is mainly responsible for the front-end acquisition through a variety of information of the bayonet vehicle ( including: electronic license plate information, container number information, vehicle weight and other information ), and provide guidance and control in accordance with the passage of vehicles available information on vehicle. Data acquisition system according to the actual configuration and demand flexible configuration of equipment and the bayonet bayonet timing.

◆centralized monitoring center:

Center of the centralized monitor system is responsible for the front-end acquisition information forwarded to the customs logistics platform and will release information of customs logistics platform to forward it to the front-end acquisition system, at the same time, to achieve the intelligent monitoring system of real-time monitoring, system management functions.

◆centralized monitoring and management system of Web:

Responsible for providing the Web interface Web realize centralized monitoring management system, whenever and wherever possible the monitor intelligent card system.

System features:

◆system acquisition, control of highly intelligent, central control of the bayonet channel services and equipment, realize the bayonet unattended

◆Processing capacity and performance index of the higher, number recognition rate is higher than 96%, the electronic license plate recognition rate is higher than 99.9%, channel release time≤10 seconds, maximum concurrency card monitoring channels: 250 channels, each monitoring end support for monitoring weight: 20, 7 x 24 hours of uninterrupted operation.

◆timing flexible configuration, system equipment, flexible configuration, real-time switch.

◆The system has high security, remote system release, automatic update.

◆system performance and system equipment remote monitoring, automatic fault report system, automatic recovery.

◆The system design of modular, using loose coupling technology to achieve high system scalability and compatibility.

◆strong anti-interference, all-weather work under harsh conditions, to ensure the accuracy of data acquisition.