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Sambo smart bulk terminals (yard) management system


The system provide perfect solution for bulk cargo (yard)  export jobs and import operations, the venue operating cost management, stowage loading, bills of lading shunt. Bulk terminals (yard) jobs can be planned smartly and monitored comprehensively.


Field unpacking business management, cargo stock-in registration, tally (printable), other jobs, bill of lading shunt, stowage loading and bayonet checksum

Field packing business management, cargo stock-in registration, field packing operations, receipt (printable), other jobs, bayonet checksum

Cost management: calculation management and cost audit for field packing cost of pier(yard),field unpacking charges and other jobs so that clients can configure process by themselves.


System design is based on process change of industry business demand rules, through workflow engine to deal with business and provide powerful business flexibility and system scalability.

System uses advanced technology system and various optimization algorithms to meet dynamic real-time, automatic planning and many other business needs.

System operation uses a lot of graphics, intelligence operations to improve the user experience and operational efficiency.

Powerful cost management offers function of cargo at the pier (yard) working cost generating and auditing.

Intelligent, convenient box bit, positions and berth management, introduction of graphical operations management functions

Electronic bayonet system and application system smart and high-efficient interaction.