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Special customs supervision regional information platform system

System introduction:

This information platform system to the customs general administration of the customs of the People's Republic under special customs surveillance zone of interim measures for the administration of the \"regulatory measures as the guide,\" a line let go, two line control, the freedom, port drawback \"as the principle, in electronic port interactive network as the foundation, to construct a integration, one-stop information platform, a population FengBiHua, informationization, intensive supervision, and do import goods into the bonded port area, export goods into the drawback to customs, inspection and quarantine, frontier defense, maritime and joint inspection department effective supervision and efficient operation, low enterprise logistics cost goal.

System functions:

Areas under special customs supervision information platform system is mainly composed of integrated logistics service platform system, customs logistics platform system, supervision, inspection and quarantine of the platform system, frontier inspection inspection platform system and maritime business processing platform system.

◆The customs supervision should logistics platform system including manifest declaration auxiliary management, ship declaration auxiliary management, bonded e-handbook management, special controlled area area logistics management, port cargo logistics monitoring, risk early warning, background management, special customs supervision internal operation management, data subscription distribution, authorization and function

◆Should the inspection and quarantine platform system points special supervision areas of inbound and outbound goods inspection and quarantine inspection functions.

◆Pieces frontier inspection inspection platform system points online rush, online ship inspection and ship dynamic monitoring alarm functions.

◆Pieces maritime business processing platform system points dangerous goods declaration, port state supervision, ship safety inspection, the ship security, ships in port declaration, maritime law enforcement surveillance, risk early warning, ship declaration auxiliary management unified authorization function such as platform.

System features:

◆Should business process model can be configured to meet the needs of different supervision area

◆Should business services can accumulate, provide good custom development mode

◆The original code should not change the dynamic access service module

◆The system should have high concurrency, high scalability and maintainability

◆Pieces of data flow log tracking trajectory, facilitate problem positioning

◆Asynchronous processing should facilitate fault migration, to ensure a stable system suitable for:

◆Pieces bonded port

◆Pieces bonded logistics park

◆Bonded area should

◆Pieces export processing zone