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Logistics bayonet system integration business
The customs logistics platform system software
Pier (yard) job management system software
Integrated information management platform

To utilize information technology means to build“standard uniform, function perfect, information sharing, safe and reliable” integrated information management platform. The system uses reasonable network architecture to achieve data transmission between the Customs and special regulatory region enterprises, data exchange and information sharing, so that achieve full aspects and whole process logistics supervision, and create an“integrated, one-stop service” unified application platform. And it can meet Customs, inspection and quarantine departments’ requirements for effective supervision and efficient management of the corporate businesses, speed up clearance, lower corporate logistics cost, and finally realize organic unity of Customs, inspection and quarantine supervision and services, promote the healthy and rapid development of regional economic.

Bonded warehousing platform

Informatization construction of bonded warehouse has stock-in, stock-out management, cycle-count inventory management, property rights adjustment, stock-shift management, storage freeze and storage initialization functions, through information docking with Customs monitoring system and information associating with all bayonets to receive Customs orders. So that we can follow Customs monitoring orders strictly to control bayonets and submit data.