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Commodity Credit Platform


Commodity Credit platform can give a globally unique ID card for every single product through technology of RFID/QR and realize traceable management. This record includes origin of goods, the production process, transport links, meaning and cultural aspects of commodity. That can make sure commodity proactively identified and Internet sharing. Through mobile client and internet tunnels to provide commodity information query, traceability, share and recommendation for consumers, commodity brand(anti-counterfeiting) protection, value recommendation(anti-poor) and culture promotion.

Successful cases:

National special control of “Spirit, anaesthetic, morphine, biochemistry” Radioactivity drug supervision project (the integration of the two demonstration projects)

Ministry of Commerce Meat the first pilot project in Nanjing

The original bottle wine traceability project of the Bordeaux region of France

Suzhou Samsung's hard disk, the Bonded Logistics cloud Escort project

M9G9.com purchase wine merchandise credit platform project

Tongrentang hotel health food merchandise credit platform project

Hong Kong Chui temple jade goods merchandise credit platform project