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Senior Talent Requirement
  • Internet of Things industry operating/ business model management talent

  • Operation and management experts

  • Industry director


1.Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing, business management or other related.

2.Over 8 years work experience and more than 5 years industry experience, Consulting and training industry experience is preferred

3.Strong industry background and certain client resources, excellent job performance

4.Strong public relations, negotiation and communication skills, strong analysis and problem solving ability

5.Good writing skills and be able to independently write customer solutions

6.Good writing skills and be able to independently write customer solutions

Post Doctor work station
  • 1)Project name:Modern Logistics safety Regulatory System and Key Terminal Equipment Industrialization
    Research direction: Computer software and information security, automatic control, transport logistics
    Recruit number:1

  • 2)Project name: Urban Intelligent Transportation public service platform research
    Research direction: Transportation Planning and Management ,Traffic, Information Engineering and Control, Computer software
    Recruit number:1

  • 3)Project name : traffic data analysis based on radio frequency identification and high-definition video recognition technology
    Research direction: Pattern recognition, video and image processing, signal processing, computer software
    Recruit number:1

  • 4)Project name : RFID, reader and related technology research
    Research direction: Circuits and Systems, Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology, Information and Communication Engineering
    Recruit number:1