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Nanjing Sample Technology Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Sample Technology HK1708) was established after restructuring approved by the People's Government of Nanjing in 2000,and successfully listed in Hong Kong in 2004. Now it has became the first intelligent transportation listed company in Hong Kong.

Relying on years of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, video recognition technology and data processing technology reserves, Sample Technology has now grown into an innovative private technology industrial company with intelligent transportation, modern logistics, health services as base, information services as direction. In the field of information services, Sample Technology formed radio frequency identification (RFID) and video recognition technology as the core, committed to provide comprehensive internet of things application solutions of the information collection, information transmission, information processing, information services for industrial users. It has stepped into the journey with goal of “Smart Earth, Experience China”.

The electronic customs lock, smart container, Customs quick clearance system and logistics full regulatory system R & D by Sample Technology with core RFID technology have covered more than 80 grassroots Customs, its market share has been more than 40% in the existing Customs Logistics regulatory areas. Meanwhile, projects of non-priced goods supervision and intellectual property products protection started and opened a new situation of things technology applications in the field of customs supervision and information services. The successful application of the Commodity Credit traceable (CCS) and electronic Escort related products and services in the field of cold chain logistics, pharmaceutical logistics marked Sample Technology officially stepping into social logistics big field from the customs area of logistics.

Sample Technology has provided electronic police, roads monitoring, public security traffic control, urban crime prevention and control intelligent
systems for more than 200 cities. At the same time, motorway network monitoring, communication, toll collection system and a highway tunnel intelligent system have been used in more than 30 national highways. And Chi Heng 365, traffic online, vehicle electronic card, vehicle terminal range of products have also been the effectively applied and promoted. As a sign project of the Internet of Things development and application, the success of intelligent transportation core resources platform and urban intelligent transportation platform have effectively boosted the digital, network and intelligent process of smart city.

In 2009, Sample Technology cooperated with Nanjing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd to construct pharmaceutical supply chain base on REID technology, and build China perceived health industrial public services platform together. This innovative activity has provided a powerful impetus for the rapid development of the health industry which was regarded as the first domestic demand. And at the same time, relying on the Internet of Things application technology, Sample Technology provide information services platforms for fields of food traceability, Customs chartered goods supervision, intellectual property items protection, special equipment safety supervision, vehicle management, production safety monitoring, logistics, security, etc.

Sample Technology committed to the low-power, low-cost passive UHF RFID chip design.UHF RFID reader researched and developed by Sample Technology and electronic tags are in leading position all over the country and successfully applied in the fields of logistics supervision, intelligent transportation, pharmaceutical distribution and etc. With a strong capability of independent innovation, first-mover advantage to master core technologies, Sample Technology has now formed a complete industrial chain of passive UHF RFID chip design, industry electronic tags package, reader, system application and system operation.

RFID intelligent turnover box, multi-lane recognition system, cloud storage control unit, car networking intelligence unit with RPU as platform, origin unit and other innovative products R & D by Sample Technology have been already in the market. In the future, Sample Technology will rely on continued technological innovation and large-scale investment in science and technology, make efforts to become a leading corporate which can master core technology of internet of Things, provide users with the Internet of Things system solutions, implement value-added services for the Internet of Things, be highly recognized by international and domestic Internet of Things networking market.